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--Elite PvP-- Skill rankings will soon be made! They will feature nine different ranks that are assigned to you based on your skill level and show up in your nametag. Check them out in a few weeks on our server, and on the Ranks page on this website. Bedwars is getting a new update this weekend. It will be functional for the first time on the new server and will feature Hypixel - quality gameplay! Check out the latest update on our server: elitepvp.fmcs.cf. More updates coming soon to Bedwars also, such as leaderboards, quests, and more! Skywars will soon be functional! It features kits, normal and INSANE modes, lobby leaderboards, and much more. Check it out on soon on the server: elitepvp.fmcs.cf. Want to contribute a map, build on the server, code us a plugin, or help with the server in general? Check out the Want to Help? and Contact Us pages on this website. --Elite PvP--