Elite PvP - Ranks

Skill Rankings are a feature coming soon in Elite PvP, where you are assigned a ranking based on your skill that is visible by everyone in your nametag. Buyable ranks are below those, with features listed. To buy a rank, CLICK HERE

Here are the Skill Ranks:

Rank Requirement
GOD Must be 1st on 2 or more leaderboards
OP Must be 1st on 1 leaderboard
PRO Must be in top 2 on 2 or more leaderboards
ELITE Must be in top 3 on 2 or more leaderboards
MVP Must be in top 5 on 2 or more leaderboards
VIP Must be in top 10 on 3 or more leaderboards
PVP Must be in top 50 of 3 or more leaderboards

If you belive standards are either to high of low, please post your recomendation in the Feedback page on this website and we will take a look ASAP!

Here are the buyable ranks:

Rank How to Get
[Gamer+] Buy on the store
[Gamer++] Buy on the store
[Gamer+++] Buy on the store
[YT/TW] Visit the Youtube/Twitch page for more info
[Admin] Not available to obtain
[Owner] For _ItzDrew_ only

Here are the Rank Features:

Feature [Gamer+] [Gamer++] [Gamer+++]
Explosion sound on lobby join
Firework on lobby join X
Message on lobby join X X
3 star MB and 10 mystery dust delivery X X
2 3 star MBs and 15 mystery dust delivery X X
4 star MB and 20 mystery dust delivery X X
Rank tag in chat, tablist
Able to use /checkpoint in parkour
Access to lobby perks (hide players, fly, speed, double jump, chat, stacker)
Ability to reset stats in ALL games
Ability to change profile color
Discount on buying items or mystery boxes with mystery dust
Able to use morphs
Allowed to open 4 star Mystery Boxes
Allowed to open 5 star Mystery Boxes X
Able to create clans X
Map selection in ALL games X
25 higher friend limit X
Glow in lobbies X
Open multiple Mystery Boxes at once X
View other player's stats in all games X
Permanent 2x XP multiplier (earn double xp!) X X
Able to broadcast custom messages (to the ENTIRE SERVER) X X
Nicknames (random or custom) X X
Skin changes (random or custom) X X
Vanished mode (change skin and name, appear offline to friends) X X
Ability to have rainbow nametag in lobbies X X
More rank features coming soon! Request new features on the feedback page.
[YT/TW] features are the same as [Gamer+++]


--Elite PvP-- Skill rankings will soon be made! They will feature nine different ranks that are assigned to you based on your skill level and show up in your nametag. Check them out in a few weeks on our server, and on the Ranks page on this website. Bedwars is getting a new update this weekend. It will be functional for the first time on the new server and will feature Hypixel - quality gameplay! Check out the latest update on our server: elitepvp.fmcs.cf. More updates coming soon to Bedwars also, such as leaderboards, quests, and more! Skywars will soon be functional! It features kits, normal and INSANE modes, lobby leaderboards, and much more. Check it out on soon on the server: elitepvp.fmcs.cf. Want to contribute a map, build on the server, code us a plugin, or help with the server in general? Check out the Want to Help? and Contact Us pages on this website. --Elite PvP--